Gear & Gadgets

Items we have around the RV, making life a little easier. We own 100% of the products below and can answer any questions.

Internet Connectivity


  • Garmin 770LMT truck GPS – Enter the length, height, width and weight of your rig and this GPS routes your appropriately, avoiding nasty surprises like low clearance underpasses.
  • Canon Pixma iP110 inject printer – Alas, even in these digital times you’re occasionally forced to print something. This is the smallest and lightest printer I could find.
  • Digital Multimeter – Electrical things sometimes go awry, this may help you find the problem.
  • 12-volt Automotive Fuses – A good assortment of fuses never hurt.

Equipment for RV Hook-ups

  • Progressive Industries 50 Amp Surge Protector – Many RVs have surge protectors built in, but few protect from over or under voltage like this external one.
  • Progressive Industries Cheater Box – We’ve twice run into campsites that did not have 50 amp service, but did have two, independent (i.e., separate breakers) 30 amp outlets. This “cheater” box combines those two 30 amp, 120 V outlets into a single 50 amp, 240V outlet to “fool” the RV into thinking you have 50 amp service (of course, you now have 60 amps vs. the normal 100 amps with 50 amp service, so don’t go too crazy).
  • Adjustable water pressure regulator – Does two things: 1) Ensures a spike in campground water pressure does not burst your pipes and 2) allows you to adjust the regulation level for your RV (newer RVs can easily handle 50 psi).
  • Camco EZ Level – The automatic leveling system in RVs is not perfect. We typically start in auto mode and then fine-tune until this level is happy.
  • RhinoFLEX 15′ RV Sewer Hose Kit – No muss no fuss when dealing with the business end of RVing.
  • RhinoFLEX 10′ Sewer Hose Extension – Another 10’ just in case. I’ve only had to use it once.
  • Aluminum 15.5′ Telescoping Ladder – The motorhome industry (or perhaps just Tiffin and Newmar) decided to stop equipping their RVs with ladders starting with the 2015 model year. So if you want access to your roof, you need to now carry a ladder with you. This folds nice and small and is easy to use.

Attaching tow car to the RV


Tire Equipment

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