December 9-15  Fort Collins Lakeside KOA, Fort Collins, CO

December 15-16 Santa Rosa RV Park, Santa Rosa, NM. Drive 459 miles.

December 16-27  Carlsbad KOA,  Carlsbad, NM.  Drive 215 miles.

  • Visit Carlsbad Caverns National Park Visitor Center
  • Tour Caves: Natural Entrance & Big Room;  King’s Palace
  • Carlsbad Hiking above ground: Rattlesnake Canyon; Juniper; Guadalupe Ridge Trails
  • Visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park Visitor Center
  • Guadalupe Hiking: McKittrick Canyon, Tejas Trail from Dog Canyon, Bear Canyon Trail via Tejas & Frijole
  • Living Desert Zoo & Gardens New Mexico State Park
  • Federal Government Shutdown Began end of day Friday December 21. All Visitor Centers closed at both National Parks. Hiking Trails remained open, but access to McKittrick Canyon closed. Carlsbad Caverns closed all cave tours.

December 27- January 4  BJ’s RV Park, Terlingua, TX. Drive 301 miles.

  • Hiking Big Bend National Park: Chimneys Trail; Rio Grande River Trail, Mule Ears Trail, Pour Offs, Pine Canyon Trail, Boquillas Canyon Trail, Dog Canyon Trail
  • Unable to enter Visitor Centers due to Federal Government Shut Down
  • Big Bend Ranch State Park: Hiked Cinco Tejas & Closed Canyon Trails

January 4-11  Las Cruces KOA, Las Cruces, NM. Drive 349 miles.

January 11-25  Tucson/Lazy Days KOA,  Tucson, AZ.  Drive 271 miles.

  • Hiking Saguaro National Park East: Garwood Dam Loop; Cactus Forest loops
  • Hiking Saguaro National Park West:  Thunderbird Trail; Sweetwater Trail
  • Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
  • Hiked Brown Mountain Loop at Tucson Mountain Park
  • All Saguaro Visitor Centers closed for Federal Government Shut Down through January 25.

January 25-February 1  Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, AZ. Drive 137 miles.

  • Hike Boulder Canyon Trail- Superstition Wilderness in Tonto National Forest
  • Hike Pass Mountain Loop – Usery Mountain Regional Park
  • Hiking in Lost Dutchman State Park

February 1-2  Las Cruces KOA, Las Cruces, NM. Drive 137 miles.

February 2-3  Abilene KOA, Abilene, TX. Drive 498 miles.

February 3-7  Dallas/Arlington KOA,  Arlington, TX. Drive 168 miles.

  • Visit Karla’s son

February 7-8  JB’s RV Park & Campground, Benton, AK. Drive 313 miles.

February 8-9 Benton KOA,  Benton, IL. Drive 385 miles.

February 9-15 Newmar Factory, Nappanee, IN. Drive 370 miles.

  • Factory pick up of 2019 Newmar New Aire

February 15-28  Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA. Drive 617 miles.

  • Feb 19-22 Flew to Denver, CO, Picked up Rental Truck and loaded final load in Fort Collins, CO. Drove with U-haul and car across country to Virginia (one way).
  • Feb 23 Final load into storage and returned rental truck
  • Winterize and Thorough cleaning of RV and RV to storage Feb 28.

Feb 28-April 25 Living in rental in Virginia. Set up VA residency. Final house construction oversight.  Finding furniture, etc for house. Visit family.

April 25 Closed on house and began move in.

April 25- July 31 Living in Sticks n Bricks.

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