Our first “incident” with a fellow camper.  Upon arriving in our site at the Seattle/Kent KOA, as Mike is hooking up our unit, the guy at the adjoining site walks up to him and says “can I have your power”? Mike had no idea what this meant. Via a bunch of mumbling that apparently equates to language, Mike thinks the guy means his 50 amp power cable is not working and for some reason he wants to use ours. We just arrived and needed to cool down the interior of our unit which was probably in the mid 80’s and therefore we needed our power. Mike politely tells him to talk to the manager of the KOA to rectify the situation to his satisfaction.

It’s at this point in the story I should mention the guy in question is driving a Prevost. For those not familiar with RV prices, a Prevost is the Rolls-Royce of the industry, costing $1 million plus. Improbably, a bunch of people begin pouring out of the Prevost, perhaps 10, and all start talking simultaneously. The original gentlemen walks away and is quickly replaced by another guy who begins barking oddly inappropriate questions to me, such as how much did you pay for your rig and how can you afford this and why are you staying next to them. I extricate myself from the situation and go inside to..I don’t know, survive.

There is also a barefooted, pantless Toddler among the mix, who seems to have drawn an invisible line between our two sites and decided he will only stay on our side of that line.  He spends his time walking around our Jeep with his hand attached to it.  Periodically he walks over and checks out (by hand) our hook-ups including our water hose and electrical line.  No one from his site seems to be paying much attention to this child, yet there are numerous adults are standing around watching. After about 30 minutes of toddler inspection/entertainment via our vehicles, a young girl finally decides to get the child & return inside their coach.

Guess what happens next? Both the “give-me-some-power” guy and the antagonistic question guy light up cigarettes and, when finished smoking, throw the still lit butts right next to our motorhome.  Luckily for the non-avoidance side of Mike, the manager of the KOA, who apparently had a prior beef with the Prevost people, drives up on a golf cart and kicks them out. We would have stayed inside until the circus bus had departed, but unfortunately the grass next to our motorhome was now smoking. No one involved outside, including the manager, seemed to be concerned by this potential fire and made zero attempt to put it out. I guess the rule is, “your site, your problem”.  Our water hose promptly put out the smoldering grass – fire averted.

Later that evening a very nice couple in a Winnebago Journey pulled into the space previously occupied by the crazy Prevost people  and all was right with the world again.

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