The ability to make reservations on-line (more often than not using the KOA app via an iPad) is the main reason we stay at so many KOAs. While we love many of the independent parks we’ve stayed at, the lack of booking convenience pushes them down a considerable notch. Why don’t more of the parks offer this perk? Is it too difficult to add to a website? Too expensive? Perhaps a large percentage of the clientele would not use it even if offered?

One frustration are websites that say “Reserve Now” and you push the button and it goes to a form to fill out and send to the campground who will get back to you at some future time. Usually there is at least a 72 hour window for turn-around. This obviously isn’t an on-line reservation. That’s when we break out the phone and call (well, Karla calls) the campground to make a reservation.

Side note: federal campgrounds actually do offer reservations via the Reserve America or websites, and they work well. You can typically choose the exact site you want as an added bonus.

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